Are you drinking the spiritual equivalent of unclean water?

Most of us fill our minds and calendars in a way that drowns out God’s voice.

However, God provides a spiritual clean water well for all of us. 

Have you found it, or do you feel as if you are wandering through a desert, still searching, without a clear destination? 

Our ability to make a difference in the world begins by believing that we can…with God’s help.

The Power of One 

You were born to live abundantly. Imagine what God could accomplish in and through you as you completely yield to Him, hear His voice and embrace your purpose, calling and vision. It’s time to let go. Through one-one-one Abundant Life coaching, find your way—and your why. Cast away anything standing in your way. Reimagine. Find your promised land.

Vision Board Workshops

Work, caregiving, health, finances, and other preoccupations often keep us so busy that we don’t stop to think, “Lord, am I living out the purpose you created me for?” Hit “pause” and spend a few hours exploring this question with a guided discussion and art activity (no art experience required).

Search for Significance

See your true worth through God’s eyes. This book study focuses on how thoughts affect our emotional, relational, and spiritual development. Learn how to apply Scripture deeply to real issues in your own life.

The Cave

Learn how to hear the voice of God and walk in His Spirit. This book study involves finding your calling and purpose.

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