Welcome to Queen Esther’s Closet

For the discerning shopper who has an eye for designer clothes and accessories, there are indeed many choices today. We knou are wise with your money and it begs to ask, are those you give your money to for your purchases wise with it also? Well good news for you, at Queen Esther’s Closet you will find the latest in designer clothing and accessories at thrift store prices and we are EXTREMELY wise with the money we bring in as it goes to provide clean water to people worldwide.

In both our physical retail store and our online stores you  can find amazing clothing items, and a large selection of accessories to include scarves, jewelry, shoes, belts and more! You will get the best deals and you will be proud to be part of our non profit family where we help with wells where they are needed most. So, not that you need a narrative to justify your superior shopping skills but you can tell your loved ones “ am shopping so people can have water!”

Join our family, shop with us today, donate and look at our personal development programs. 

Every day, around the world, 6,000 children die of water-related diseases (UNICEF, 2018). That’s like losing all the children from 10 or more U.S. elementary schools every 24 hours. How will you answer the call for help?