Where did the name “Queen Esther’s Closet” come from?

Enticingly beautiful and of Jewish decent, the biblical Queen Esther
was a young woman meant for a destiny larger than her life.
Tasked with marrying a king despite her ordinary upbringing as an orphan
in the home of her uncle Mordecai, Esther became a woman of power and wisdom –
a woman whose position of influence would save the Israelite
nation from the hands of a merciless Babylonian empire.

We at Queen Esther’s Closet, have the utmost respect for our namesake, Queen Esther.
Two-thirds of the world live in poverty. As an upscale resale boutique,
we believe in the unique calling Queen Esther had to save her people, and in the
unique calling we have to stand in the gap for the many impoverished people groups all around the globe.
It only takes one person –one person to make a difference in the
lives of hundreds if not thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

Do you have chapter organizations?

No. Queen Esther’s Closet is located in Broomfield, CO and does not have chapters.

Can I dedicate a water well or sponsor an orphanage in honor of someone?

Absolutely. For more information, contact Info@QueenEsthersCloset.com.